PUP Episode 010: RPG Love, May 2012

Featuring: Michael “Boston” Hannon and John “Musim” Beauchamp
Running Time: 1:42:05
Music by MusiM (Website | Bandcamp)

After a short break, we’re back to chat about Dragon Age: Origins, Devil Survivor 2, Eternal Sonata, the Mass Effect trilogy, Final Fantasy VII, Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeon Siege 3, and Diablo 3.

2 thoughts on “PUP Episode 010: RPG Love, May 2012

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    -Huge congrats to both of you for the big life changes! Hope that this will all work out for the best for you both.

    -Speaking of Eternal Sonata’s graphics engine: WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN ANOTHER GAME THAT USES IT?? That game is, like, 5 years old and nothing else out there looks like it. And that’s not good!

    -Could not disagree more about your pacing complaints on FFVII (a game that definitely has its problems). In my opinion, the Kalm sequence is great, getting all of the exposition (that you have had 10 hours in Midgar to get curious about) out of the way in one sequence. Not only that, but it comes at the end of a major “chapter” so to speak, so I for one was ready to take a sort of break at that point. Too many JRPGs now tell their exposition so vaguely and so chopped-up, to the point where it’s sort of impossible to get a good sense of the characters’ respective pasts (see: Resonance of Fate, a game I also love). I think structuring that particular section of FFVII’s narrative was actually the best way they could have done it.

    -I might be the most dedicated listener of this podcast, and yet I have COMPLETELY different taste in games than you guys, for the most part.
    Dragon Age? Hate it, too dark.
    Devil Survivor and SMT? Can’t stand the subject matter. Way too occult.
    Mass Effect? NOT AN RPG ANYMORE.
    Fallout? Too gory, hate gore, never grew out of that hate.
    Diablo? See: “Devil Survivor and SMT”
    And yet I hang on every word.

    -Legend of Dragoon has some difficulty balance and pacing issues. You can tell that the developer was somewhat inexperienced when it came to… well, experience! Once you get past a certain point in the game, the enemy difficulty spikes, but the experience you earn does not, so the game essentially grinds to a halt. However, at the time, LoD had some of the prettiest fantasy set pieces ever seen in a video game, plus some rather interesting characters and marginally interesting story ideas. That, combined with its unique battle system, was enough to build a following for it.

    -The PSP really IS the Ultimate PS1 RPG machine. It really really is.

    -“XSEED drops publishing plans for Grand Knight’s History” My heart is seriously broken. I was really looking forward to this game. T_T
    I will say, though, that it isn’t Xseed’s fault. They had put the time and effort into translation, but Vanillaware was unresponsive. They wouldn’t allocate the resources to program Xseed’s translation into the game, since they were working on Dragon’s Crown. The news of Atlus taking over publishing on Dragon’s Crown is almost certainly related to this, as I am sure that Xseed and Vanillaware no longer have an amicable relationship. It could be that Vanillaware wanted to drop Xseed as a publisher altogether, which would obviously force Xseed to cancel GKH for NA.

    -What is TES: Online going to do differently? Answer: nothing. It’s going to be the same fantasy setting, with job classes and skill trees, etc etc, and the Elder Scrolls name is what’s going to sell it. Period. And it will be a success. It’s going to be WoW, but with better visuals. And we all know it!

    -Triple Yes for the Iron Man RPG idea. I rarely buy games new, but I would pre-order that in a second.

    Thanks for the show, gentlemen! I will be patiently awaiting the next one.


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